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Sides & Accompaniments
Approximate Serving Sizes
Small 5-7      Medium 8-13     Large 15-20 

Oven Roasted Rosemary Potatoes 

Oven Roasted Gold Potatoes seasoned w/fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic garnished with honey glazed sweet potatoes
Small  $45       Medium  $55       Large $65

Garlic Whipped Potatoes

Creamy Yukon Gold Potatoes whipped with roasted garlic, fresh cream and real butter
Small $50           Medium  $60          Large $70


Potato or Risotto
Choose between creamy potato or risotto fried, panko encrusted croquettes with cheese and fresh herbs

Small $60          Medium $70         Large  $80

Mac & Cheese

Homemade Orecchiette Shells in a creamy bechamel white wine cheese sauce topped with buttery toasted panko

Small  $60       Medium  $75      Large  $85

Homemade Orecchiette Pasta Shells or Potato Gnocchi

In your choice of Sauce
Marinara OR Garlic/Olive Oil
Small  $55       Medium  $70     Large  $80
Alfredo, Puttanesca, VodkaMeat Sauce OR Sundried Pesto 
Small  $60         Medium  $75        Large  $85
Braised Pork & Beef Brisket Ragu Bolognese
Small  $70         Medium  $85         Large $95

Extra quarts of sauce available for purchase, inquire about pricing


Creamy Arborio Rice with saffron, sundried tomato pesto, white wine, fresh herbs & parmesan cheese. 

Can be made with either homemade chicken or vegetable broth
Small  $65          Medium  $80        Large  $90


Roasted Vegetable Rice 

Rice braised with roasted vegetables, saffron, white wine, homemade broth & fresh herbs
Small  $45        Medium  $55        Large  $65

Homemade Jumbo Cheese Tortellini

Jumbo Tortellini stuffed with ricotta, parmesan & auribella cheeses in a creamy alfredo sauce
Small  $65          Medium   $75        Large  $85

Homemade Jumbo Butternut Squash Tortellini

Jumbo Tortellini stuffed w/a ricotta & butternut squash puree. Served in a creamy brown butter & sage sauce

Small  $65           Medium  $75      Large  $85

Seasonal Grilled Vegetable Display

Assorted, seasonal vegetables grilled, marinated and displayed at room temperature 
Market Price

Roasted Vegetables

Honey Glazed Root Vegetables

Assorted roasted root vegetables glazed with honey & fresh thyme
Market Price

 Broccoli Auribella

Oven roasted broccoli topped with auribella cheese & sundried tomato pesto
Market Price

Green Beans

Seared Green Beans

In a garlic, white wine & sundried tomato pesto sauce
Small  $50       Medium   $60       Large  $70

Vegetables on Books

Riced Cauliflower

w/fresh herbs, minced vegetables, sundried tomatoes, homemade chicken broth, butter & parmesan cheese
Market Price 

Tuscan Garlic Cheesy Bread
15" Loaf      $13
Homemade Tuscan Loaf w/roast
ed garlic-herb butter & mozzarella cheese

Milk & Butter Rolls
Homemade light, fluffy & sweet pillowy dinner rolls
$6.50 a Dozen

Tuscan Loaf 
15" Loaf        $10

This Tuscan  artisan bread is full of flavor and freshness with a beautiful semi-hard, crunchy crust & soft chewy center


Sprouted Oat & Honey Wheat
15" Loaves         $13
Crunchy & Sweet wheat loaves baked with rolled sprouted  oats  


Onion & Herb Flat Breads
10" Rounds      $10
Airy, crispy, chewy flatbread rounds baked with red onions, parmesan, auribella, fresh parsley & thyme


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